Hyatt Regency Anniversary

Hyatt Regency Brand Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Hyatt Regency brand teams up with spoken word artist Tarriona “Tank” Ball to debut a film inspired by the brand’s rich history of fostering connections


50 years ago, Hyatt Regency Atlanta opened its doors to civil rights leaders when others turned them away. That moment still inspires us today. See what happens in a world rooted in hope and love — a world of understanding.

Hyatt Regency Brand Celebrates 50th Anniversary With a New Film Rooted in the Power of Understanding

Today (August 16, 2017), the Hyatt Regency brand celebrates its 50th anniversary with the launch of a new film titled, “Come Together.” The film celebrates bringing groups together to build community and share unique ideas, which is exactly what the Hyatt Regency brand has done over the past 50 years. The “Come Together” film is an extension of the recently launched World of Hyatt platform, which is built on a simple belief that a little understanding goes a long way and further underscores the incredible things that happen when groups come together.

Featuring spoken word artist Tarriona “Tank” Ball and directed by award-winning director Simon Benjamin, the “Come Together” film is inspired by the Hyatt Regency brand’s rich history – in 1967, Hyatt Regency Atlanta was among the first hotels in the city to open its doors to civil rights leaders. Through her poetic spoken word style, Ball tells the Hyatt Regency brand’s story of understanding with grace and care, while encouraging people to come together to share their ideas and perspectives.

“Understanding and the power of collaboration have been part of our DNA for years and there are few brands that can speak to it as authentically as Hyatt Regency,” said Maryam Banikarim, global chief marketing officer for Hyatt. “We continue to be inspired by the events that happened at Hyatt Regency Atlanta 50 years ago and are very proud to create a film that celebrates when groups of people come together to foster understanding.”

Hyatt Regency AnniversaryThrough her poetic spoken word style, Tarriona “Tank” Ball shares Hyatt Regency’s 50 year history of fostering connections by bringing people together to build community and share unique ideas and new perspectives in the brand’s new film titled “Come Together.”

“Sharing stories that inspire people to better understand each other is what my art is all about. Naturally, I was very excited to work with the Hyatt Regency brand on this project,” said Ball, winner of the 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Contest. “When we come together and allow our commonalities to supersede our differences, amazing things can happen.”

“It’s incredibly inspiring to learn how a brand has impacted history in a positive way,” said Dave Weist, executive creative director for MullenLowe. “The events that took place at Hyatt Regency Atlanta 50 years were brave, and today we have the opportunity to retell the story in a poignant and modern way through Tank’s powerful spoken word piece. Most importantly, it captures the essence of World of Hyatt and its mission to foster a world of understanding and inclusion.”

The “Come Together” film debuted today through a digital collaboration with The Atlantic. In addition to hosting the film, The Atlantic will also feature exclusive interviews with Ball and Xernona Clayton, a civil rights leader who was in attendance at the 11th annual session of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference at Hyatt Regency Atlanta 50 years ago. The film can be viewed at and will be amplified through Facebook and Instagram.


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