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App for blind people: Aipoly helps the blind ’see‘

App for blind people: Students at Singularity University at NASA Research Park, CA, have created an app that allows blind people to identify the world directly in front of them using machine vision technology. The app for blind people, Aipoly,…


Airbnb offers in-app restaurant reservations

Airbnb just added the ability to book restaurant reservations directly through its app. A great meal shared with friends, old or new, can make a trip special. That’s why now you can book a table at nearly 650 restaurants across…


Lonely Planet launches Trips Travel App

Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel media company, announced the launch of Trips by Lonely Planet, a self-publishing content platform offering travelers an enjoyable, easy way to discover and share their experiences. Trips enables anyone to seamlessly upload photos and…


Samsung Discovr – die andere Art zu „reisen“

Mit DISCOVR startet Samsung eine lokale Plattform für Virtual Reality– und 360-Grad-Videos, -Fotos und -Anwendungen. Schon bald wird es möglich sein, auf dem Sofa durch die Welt zu reisen. Alles, was man benötigt, ist eine Virtual Reality Brille, ein Smartphone…


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