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Whenever I visit Dresden, I walk around the Neumarkt, this famous central square where a bronze Martin Luther statue in front of the Frauenkirche seems to guard this legendary church and its surrounding houses. Here you meet the “heart of the city”, where life pulsates and the baroque style of the reconstructed buildings mixes with modern shops, restaurants and elegant boutiques. This is not only the place to be – it‘s the place to stay as well: at 5-star “QF Hotel at Frauenkirche”.

QF Hotel Eingang

Leaving the baroque atmosphere of Neumarkt square and entering the QF Hotel, guests step into a new world where subtle luxury mingles with noble Italian design. The lobby immediately conveys warmth and comfort. Chrome and dimly lit glass cabinets harmonize with warm colorful lamp design. You immediately feel welcome. It’s a bit like in Italy.

Lobby at QF Hotel Dresden

Dresden in former times was called „Elbflorenz“ (“Florence on River Elbe”) and so it is today again. „August der Starke“ (Augustus the Strong – 1670-1733), Elector of Saxony and later King of Poland, loved Italian art and shaped this city by Florentine model. This tradition continues today: After the far too long dark communist era of „DDR“ (East Germany), in which not only the Frauenkirche, Neumarkt and the surrounding ensemble of buildings layed in gray rubble, the successful Italian entrepreneur Arturo Prisco came to Dresden in the early 90s and initiated in collaboration with architect Lorenzo Bellini the construction of the QF district („Quartier Frauenkirche“) including this hotel being part of the new building ensemble around the Frauenkirche. Since then, Italian elegance was back in Dresden. In an environment that knew no luxury for 50 years.

The QF Design Hotel in Dresden, Saxony

Opend in 2007, the 95 rooms and suites of this classy boutique hotel provide highest quality and comfort. Here a new host generation is presented: contemporary and modern with simple clean lines. The restrained color scheme of the QF stands pleasingly out against colorful and cluttered design-experiments of other so-called “design-„ or „art hotels”. Lorenzo Bellini has realized timeless elegance and simple design to give the QF Hotel an international touch. Subtle sandy shades in the rooms are pleasing your eyes. Interior is dominated by fine woods, quality textiles and downright wasteful installed Italian natural stone. Furniture and decorative fabrics, fittings, lamps and natural stone in the bathrooms come from renowned manufacturers in Italy. Lorenzo Bellini is known for his exceptional lighting concepts with which he not only illuminates rooms but sets the scene. That’s why the glass elevator with it‘s skillful lighting effects is an impressive eye-catcher in the atrium of the lobby:

QF Hotel Atrium Lift

“The difference is an Italian touch” (Arturo Prisco)

The QF looks like a modern island in the middle of a baroque setting. Standing at the hotel’s rooftop terrace and viewing the surrounding roofscape of the historic city, the towers of the Frauenkirche, the roof dormer windows of the Royal Palace and the glass dome of the Art Academy seem grippingly close. Leaving the hotel, it’s just a few steps to the main entrance of Frauenkirche, Coselpalais and the Brühl Terrace on Elbe riverside, and only a few minutes walk to famous Semper Opera and other touristic highlights.

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Resume: I am right away convinced by the QF Hotel! The service is exemplary, friendly and pleasant, welcoming and discreetly. My room – with a great view overlooking the Neumarkt – was perfectly decorated. The desk – ready for business – was not a “side table”, the windows could be opened easily (there are not so many modern hotels, where this is possible), the bathroom was cleverly divided into three separate areas, the furnishing is precious but not too sumptuous. I was greeted with a large, fresh fruit plate, the mattresses seemed to be very new and of highest quality – my sleep was correspondingly wonderful. Entering my room I felt more coming home than staying at a hotel. The hotel bar is decorated in a cozy lounge style, well attended, but not too crowded. The bartender, eloquent in several languages, well experienced in small talk and fulfilling any wish, was doing a great job. Accordingly my stay at the bar was pretty long. When I got up the next morning, a local newspaper waited for me outside my room and international papers were presented at the breakfast buffet. The extensive and healthy breakfast with lots of fresh fruit and good coffee helped me to have a wonderful start into an new day…

I felt more than comfortable here – and I will return very soon: to Dresden, the Neumarkt and the QF Hotel!

Text and photography: © Peter von Stamm

im Quartier an der Frauenkirche
Neumarkt 1
01067 Dresden
Telefon: (0351) 56 33 09-0
Telefax: (0351) 56 3309-911

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Luxury QF Hotel in Dresden
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Luxury QF Hotel in Dresden
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