Rylo 360 camera

Rylo 360 camera launched by former Instagram and Apple team

What a cool 360 camera: Designed with breakthrough stabilization technology and an app that simplifies editing, Rylo, the 360° camera with powerful software for exceptionally beautiful video makes it easy for anyone to create videos they’re proud to share.

Rylo 360 camera: Capture the perfect shot with 360° video

Just launched in San Francisco, Rylo is a powerful camera that captures everything around you and creates exceptionally smooth, beautiful video that’s easy to share. Developed by a team of former Instagram and Apple engineers, Rylo’s breakthrough stabilization software and smartphone app eliminate the traditional pain points of shooting, editing, and sharing videos. With this 360 camera, you don’t have to worry about framing your shot or holding the camera steady to capture a video you’re proud to share — simply hit record and make the perfect video after-the-fact.

Capturing a video with Rylo is as easy as taking a photo. Press record, and the camera’s dual 208° wide-angle lenses combine to capture everything around you.

Videos shot on Rylo can be shared in two formats. Create a regular HD video by selecting a traditionally-framed view within the 360° footage, or share a fully immersive video in 4K 360°.

Rylo’s software automatically corrects any distortion typically expected with fisheye lenses.

Behind Rylo’s beautiful 360 camera hardware is powerful software. “Historically, camera innovation has been dependant on upgrading hardware, but the future of innovation for cameras is in the software,” said Chris Cunningham, COO and co-founder of Rylo Inc. “The magical thing about camera software is how it closes the gap between what professionals and everyday people can do. That’s why we built software first and designed the camera’s hardware around it.”

Rylo 360 camera

Create incredibly smooth, cinematic videos right from the app

Rylo’s most distinguishing feature is its proprietary stabilization technology. Combining 360° capture with continuous motion detection, Rylo’s software eliminates unwanted camera movement and shakiness, producing incredibly smooth videos that have historically only been achieved using expensive, professional grade stabilization rigs and gimbals. In addition, the Rylo app reduces what used to take hours of editing with video software on a computer to just minutes on your smartphone. After shooting a video, plug the camera directly into your phone and the app automatically opens, offering a suite of simple one-tap editing options. Beyond standard trimming and cropping tools, the app packs a full video production studio in the palm of your hand:

Put yourself in the action with a picture-in-picture that shows your reactions as you capture a moment. Rylo’s dual lenses make sure you never miss a moment, including those behind the camera.

Rylo’s follow feature lets you track the action with just a single tap in the app. Follow an object and Rylo automatically adjusts the camera’s orientation to keep the action in the frame.

Control the camera’s perspective, after-the-fact, by tapping on specific points of interest in your video. Rylo automatically produces a smooth video that connects each of your points.

Create moving timelapse videos by speeding up Rylo’s stabilized video. Control how fast you want your video to play (up to 16x normal speed) and make cinematic timelapses without a gimbal or tripod.

Rylo 360 camera

The Rylo app also makes it easier than ever to share videos to Instagram, Facebook, or message them directly to friends and family, on the go.

Rylo is available for iPhone today in the U.S. for $499 at rylo.com and coming soon to Amazon. The Rylo app for iOS is free and available from the App Store. Rylo comes ready to use with a battery, 16GB microSD card, protective pouch, sync and charge cables. Rylo for Android is coming soon.


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