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Let your ‘inner’ child Serfaus

Guest Blog by Ramy Salameh – “If the kids are happy, then so are the parents. It’s safe, secure and virtually traffic free” says Nicole Heymich, GM of Hotel Bär, one of the original Kinderhotels in the Alps. This superior 4* hotel sits in the town of Serfaus the largest of a trio of resorts, […]

Discovering European beer culture by train rather plane!

Guest Blog by Ramy Salameh Munich’s “Oktoberfest” is not the only way to appreciate Europe’s thriving artisanal beer scene. Using the ageless ‘Interrail Pass’ was my passport to discovering a scenic, sustainable (taking note of the -‘Tagskryt’ – flight shame trend) and relaxed way to explore Europe’s lesser-known beer heritage, past, present and future.  Rotterdam […]

Austria’s grand wine tour

The vintners of Austria are a very passionate breed. Along with this reputation, comes a new wave of “terroir” tourists, ready to explore Austria’s grand wine tour [Guestblog by Ramy Salameh] “Imagine the harmony of an orchestra, with no single instrument heard above another, this is what we aim for with our Weiner Gemischter Satz […]

Finding your ‘mojo’ at Kurhotel Skodsborg

Guestblog by Ramy Salameh Kurhotel Skodsborg, Denmark: With a matador-like swipe of the towel, our ‘GusMester’ (Mist Master) Matthias, directs a blast of hot, scented air towards our perspiring limbs within the confines of the sauna cabin. This form of aromatherapy is followed by a dip in the cold waters of the Oresund Strait between […]